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The Oreck XL® Tabletop Professional Air Purifier
Healthier, Easier, SmarterTM

The Oreck XL Tabletop Professional Air Purifier improve the quality of your air.

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  • Odour Absorber Plus - XL Tabletop Professional
  • 1 litre Air Cell Cleaner - Cleans the cell plates on your Oreck Air Purifier and keeps it in tip top shape
  • 8-Pack scent cartridges
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Truman Cell™ Technology for improved cleaning performance!

Our Air Purifier's six-stage purification process with the revolutionary Truman Cell took years of research and development by Oreck engineers. The result is an extraordinary breakthrough in indoor air purification. Based on the technology used in the US submarine fleet, and available exclusively from Oreck, the Truman Cell removes harmful particles as small as 0.1 microns. That's about 1/100th the diameter of a human hair. In contrast, HEPA filters only capture particles as small as 0.3 microns and can quickly clog up from the particles in the air. Once clogged, they become terribly inefficient and the filters need to be replaced. HEPA filters also tend to hold moisture in, which actually breeds mold and releases it back into the room.

Six-stage air purification produces crisper, cleaner air. How it works:

Stage 1:

The powerful fan draws dirty air through the pre-filter, which screens large particles such as mold, hair and more.
Stage 6 Stage 5 Stage 4 Stage 2 -3 Stage 2 -3 Stage 1

Permanent Truman Cell™ with lifetime warranty never needs replacing

The advanced filtration of the Oreck Air Purifier is also economical. This permanent filter cleans in just minutes with detergent and water; simply rinse, let dry and re-insert. An indicator light tells you when the filter needs cleaning. No need to buy an expensive replacement filter time and time again! It's also energy efficient, consuming as much energy as an ordinary light bulb. The money you save means the Oreck Air Purifier virtually pays for itself.

Gets rid of odours, fumes and allergens quietly and efficiently

The Oreck Air Purifier with Odour Absorber Plus eliminates cigarette smoke, pet odours and other odours you don't want in your home, including those caused by cooking, toxic chemical fumes such as paint smells and off-gases from new rugs, which can contain formaldehyde, a carcinogen. It also removes allergens, which can cause or worsen asthma attacks. The Oreck Tabletop Air Purifier will keep the air in your bedroom, office or den, clean, fresh and circulating at all times. And it will do it quietly, thanks to Oreck's own Silence Technology®, while using as little energy as an ordinary light bulb.

The Oxygenator converts harmful ozone into breathable oxygen

Ozone is a toxic lung irritant and one of the major contributors to smog. Unfurtunately, it's also found in homes as a byproduct of electrical appliances, such as TVs and DVD players. As air passes through the Oxygenator in our Air Purifier, ozone is replaced with pure oxygen that is sent back into the air.

Try the Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier risk-free for 30 days.

Simply put, we think we make the best air purifier on the market, and that's why we want you to try it in your own home, risk-free for 30 days. Once you see the benefits of breathing crisp, clean air, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. If you don't love it, you don't keep it.®  We'll even pay the return shipping!  There's nothing to lose except the harmful pollutants in your air.

Risk-Free trial

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