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  Oreck Air Purifier Customer Reviews

Relief from my allergies

I received my Oreck air purifiers last week. I was so excited because I have severe allergies due to living in Austin, TX, the allergy capital of the world! Anyway, I set them up in my home and could tell a vast difference in the air quality and my ability to breath easier in just a matter of hours!!! Wild horses couldn't drag me away from my Oreck air purifiers! Thanks so much for these air purifiers and giving me some relief from my allergies. I've also owned an Oreck vacuum for more than 15 years, and couldn't be more pleased with the quality and service I've received from this product. In my book, Oreck rocks! Keep up the excellent work!

Anita Arthur

It has helped my allergies so much

Dear Mr. Oreck, we bought two of your air purifiers, and we love them! I have bad allergies and even go twice a week for allergy shots, but with our new air purifiers, I can breathe so much better, and it has helped my allergies so much! Thank you for such a great product! I'm now going to get one of your vacuums next. I'm sold on your products.

Randall Miller

I plan to buy another one for upstairs

My husband smokes indoors. This is why I decided to purchase the air purifier. I love it. It has different settings: high, medium, and silent. You can't hear anything on silent mode, but it is still working. The fragrance slot is a bonus. Comes with a fragrance "disk" that scented up my whole house. I plan to buy another one for upstairs. Thanks Oreck!

Lanette Khatib

My house smells cleaner than it ever has before

I just received my Oreck Professional Air Purifier and I love it. I took it out of the box and plugged it in, and it has been on ever since. My house smells cleaner than it ever has before! I love the fact that it has a charcoal filter that helps clean the air Ė unlike the other brand thatís mentioned on TV (that stick cleaner with no fan that costs $10 more!) Like Mr. Oreck says, (and I believe it) if you canít move the air, you canít clean the air.

William Morrison

Our home smells fresh every time we go in it.

My husband and I purchased the Oreck Air Purifier and received a second one at 1/2 price. From day one, we both loved these machines. My husband is a smoker, and I am not. I wanted the air to be as smoke-free as possible, plus I wanted to avoid the yellowing of the walls, etc. from the smoke. This machine has lived up to its full potential. Our home smells fresh every time we go in it. We love all the products we have from Oreck. Keep up the good work, Mr. Oreck.

Ginger Martin

NO stuffy nosesÖNo odour of smoke in our house

We took the Oreck challenge, and YOU made us believers!!!! Great to awaken in the morning with NO stuffy noses. My husband used to have sinus headaches all the time, but since buying the air purifiers, he has hardly had one. Unfortunately, I am a smoker, but since using the purifiers, there is no odour of smoke in our house and our house is 1500 sq. ft. We have cats, and even though we change litter boxes daily, there was still a trace of litter odour in air. NO MORE with Oreck!!!!!!! Thank you Oreck, so very much!!!!!

Diane Rouss

Less congestion from allergens

My husband snores so much, I used to have to sleep in the other bedroom. We both hated this, but now that we have the Oreck Air Purifier, he has less congestion from allergens and less snoring! This is a miracle! The congestion from all the allergens was well established the first time I cleaned the purifier and saw all that black stuff (just like your advertisement). Thanks to this product, we are happily sleeping together again! Bet you never thought this purifier would get this much credit!

Nancy Workman

A difference in the quality of the air

My son has asthma, and I just purchased your new Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier. Even though I've only had it for three days, I notice a difference in the quality of the air already! You have absolutely wonderful products, and it's evident a lot of research and planning went into everything you've made. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

Torry Horrocks

It is actually "FUN" to breathe for a change

I bought two of your air purifiers and am extremely pleased...Can't believe that it is actually "FUN" to breathe for a change. Excellent!!! Thank you for your wonderful products. They are improving the quality of my life!

Ron Stucke

Instantly smell fresh air

We purchased your air purifier and were delighted to also receive the cordless refrigerator air purifier. The air purifier has made a huge difference in the way we feel and sleep, and we love to enter our home and instantly smell fresh air. We plan to purchase another one for my daughterís room as she really suffers with asthma, allergies and shortness of breath.

Nadine Gregg

Stale air was eliminated

I own two of the Air Purifiers. I have a smoker in my home, and now I wake up to pure, clean, fresh air. Within minutes, my home's stale air was eliminated. The air smells springtime fresh, like after a rain shower. It truly works. Now I don't have to worry about secondhand smoke anymore.

Penny Poole

Able to cut back on my allergy medication

I love our Oreck air purifiers. I have been able to cut back on my allergy medication ever since we started running them in our home.

Jerry Sims

A very noticeable difference in the air

I just received my package today and plugged the XL Professional Air Purifier in. Within 10 minutes, there was a very noticeable difference in the air! I live in a dusty area and this REALLY works! Am going to buy another and will tell all my friends about this amazing product. 2 out of 5 in my family have asthma, and we have tried other products. NOTHING even scratches the surface like this baby does! It's been an hour now, and we are sitting here with flashlights, watching the dust get sucked in and smelling clean air come out!

Tracy Clinger

No mold in the house

I live on a 60 ft. cliff over the Saluda river rapids, and before I got the Oreck I had to mop my walls every 6 weeks with Clorox due to the mold growing on them. I have been running the air purifier continuously since getting it, and I have NO mold in the house, plus an unsung side effect...no dust.

Patricia Hurley

Dust in our bedroom has disappeared

We recently saw the infomercial with David Oreck and the new air purifiers. I'm not one to purchase anything from an infomercial, but we've constantly battled dust and Beagle hair in the house, so I was willing to give it a try. Have had one in the bedroom for a week, and the results are unbelievable. Both my wife and I have never slept better, and the dust in our bedroom has disappeared. I have another one on order and can't wait to get it for our family room. I don't provide feedback or write letters often, but my experience is worth sharing with others who might be considering "investing" in an Oreck product. Thanks!

Robert Donaho

The pollutants in my home have decreased significantly

My 4 yr. old son was constantly sick for no apparent reason. He was coming down with pneumonia and losing weight. H had just recently been diagnosed with asthma and had a hard time sleeping through the night. Since purchasing the Air Purifier, my home has cleaner air, my son no longer wakes up coughing at night, and I have better piece of mind knowing that the pollutants in my home have decreased significantly and are no longer affecting my childís health. As a young mother, I know purchasing the air purifier is one of the best things I have done for my family, and I pass along the word happily!

Roxanne Camerino-Soler

A grade "A+" rating

Yesterday I received the two air purifiers I ordered. I decided to inspect the plates on the units after only 12 hours of use. I was absolutely amazed at what I saw! The collector plates already had a visible coating of dust and who knows what else. I did a lot of research before deciding to purchase the Oreck, and there is no other purifier on the market that can match it for function, price and warranty. Oreck gets a grade "A+" rating from me.

Allen Thompson

Coughing much less

I recently received the Oreck Air Purifier. Purchased it for my daughter who is 63 and has an asthma-type problem. Her chest was congested, and she was coughing her head off. She noticed the difference by the end of the day. She sleeps better at night, the congestion is clearing up, and sheís coughing much less. She is feeling so much better now and has more energy. We are really happy with the Oreck Air Purifier. Not to mention the ease of maintaining it.

Mary Stiles

It's nice to finally feel like I can breathe!

I've had my Oreck XL Professional Air Purifier for only a few hours, and I can already tell a great difference in the quality, smell, and purity of the air in my apartment. With the amount of mold in the air where I live due to all the fog and moisture, and with the allergens caused by my dog, and the pine trees just outside my windows -- it's nice to finally feel like I can breathe!

Ethan Flaeger

I recommend this product to all my family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

I currently own the Oreck XL Air Purifier. I noticed a difference in the quality of the air inside our home within hours of first turning it on. Coupled with that, no filters to buy, cheap to run and excellent air quality in a handsome-looking package. The best testimonial is from those who visit our home and notice the air quality difference. My stepson has asthma. Upon his visit to our home, and without realizing we had the Oreck air purifier in use, he noticed his ability to breathe easier. He had no idea that what we had on our end table was an air purifier, until we showed it to him and explained its use. He went out and bought one that very same day for his home. I recommend this product to all my family, friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Michael Pero

We sleep so much better

We just purchased an Oreck Air Purifier and put it in our bedroom. I cannot even begin to tell you the difference in the air quality. We sleep so much better nowat night. Thank you Oreck!

Frank Selak

A life-saving product

We purchased an Oreck Air Purifier a few weeks ago. We bought it for my mom who has asthma and emphysema and some allergies. I can't tell you what a positive difference it has made over the other HEPA air cleaner we were using. She noticed the difference in a few hours and said it has made a great improvement in her quality of life. It was bought for her 82nd birthday, and with this device, I'm sure she will live to celebrate a lot more. Thank you for coming up with such a life-saving product.

Ronald Smith

After one hour I was in comfort

I had a lot of mold in my house due to major water damage from a broken water main, and I am allergic to mold spores. So I searched the internet for a way to help remove the spores. After a lot of debate, I purchased the Oreck XL air 8 purifier. I was very surprised that after one hour I was able to be comfortable inside my house - something that I thought would take days. Thank you Oreck!!

Kenneth Russell

The Oreck Air Purifier