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Couldn’t believe how much the Oreck picked up that my old vac did not

"I was skeptical about buying an Oreck because of the price. I have 2 cats and 1 dog and really have a problem with them shedding. I thought I might as well try the Oreck challenge. I couldn't believe how much the Oreck picked up that my old vacuum did not. My carpets look like new again! I was so impressed with my Oreck that my mother just ordered one. Mr. Oreck, I am sold on your products and will never go back to another vacuum. Thank you!"

Ruth Thoma

So light and very good suction

"It is so light and not hard to carry. It has very good suction, and I feel like it is getting my rug clean. It adjusts from room to room automatically. It is easy to load and unload the disposable bags."

Loretta Schwartz

Love the simplicity of this machine

"Love the simplicity of this machine (no cumbersome attachments). Am impressed by the sturdiness of the Oreck (unlike many other brands which are mostly plastic). We've recommended it to many of our friends and relatives, and two of them purchased Orecks. Am contemplating getting another as a gift."

Brian Ashley

Three kids and two dogs…

"My Oreck XL came today via UPS! Not only was it shipped to me fast, but what a machine!! I love it! After reading the instructions I got busy cleaning every inch of floor space in our home. With 3 kids and 2 dogs, there was plenty of hair, crumbs, and who knows what else in our carpets and rugs. After using the Oreck for the first time, I could not believe the cleaning power of this machine!! I’m SOLD! And, I’m getting on the phone and passing the GREAT NEWS about ORECK around to all my friends and family. Great Job Oreck!"

Keriann Knupp

Cleans on contact

"The Oreck Vacuum cleaner is excellent equipment to use to do my cleaning. It is powerful and easy to use. It cleans on contact and that's why I love it so much."

Sue-Ann Cottoy

Has not let us down once in 6 years

"Dear Mr. Oreck, I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you why I love my Oreck XL. To start out this story, my wife and I split up the chores when we first were married. She does the laundry, and I have the floors. I feel a little guilty. With the Oreck it makes it easy. I flip that switch and she starts pppuuuurrrriiinnnggg like a kitten. Then I push it effortlessly through the house, and I am done. She is still sorting the laundry. I really love it because it makes it easier to keep the carpet looking great after our 4 dogs come in from the outside. They track in a lot of grass and dirt, and our trusty XL has not let us down once in 6 years. Thanks."

James Garner

We recommend it to others all the time

"When we moved up here in 1985, we purchased an Oreck vacuum. We love it and recommend it to others all the time. We even purchased one for each of our two sons when they left home!"

Mary Becker

Great price for a great product

"I’ve been debating and debating on which new vacuum to buy. My 2 year old Hoover® Windtunnel™ died an unexpected quick death, and I happened to be watching QVC one day and they had an Oreck special with Mr. Oreck.........after seeing the demonstration I couldn't wait to go to our local Oreck store. Got to use the different ones myself and well, now I'm home with my new Oreck. Love it, and my wife is thrilled. Now I want to vacuum. I especially like the canister vac that was thrown in on the deal. With 4 Golden Retrievers and 4 cats, my Orecks are gonna be very busy. Not to worry though, I've got a 7 year warranty and 7 tune ups coming. Thank you! Mr. Oreck. I'm so thrilled I am even inquiring about opening up an Oreck store of my own. Great price for a great product. PS....in the half hour I was at the Oreck store in Greensboro, NC....5 Orecks were sold. Amazing!!"

Bill Mitchell

My hardwood floors look as if I spent hours polishing them

"I have RA in my hands, OA in my knees, and Fibromyalgia everywhere else. My other vacuum made my body hurt so badly that I would have to take a pain pill and lay down for 3 or so hours. With the Oreck, I am done in half the time because I have no pain during or after the time that I vacuum. It is light and easy to handle. My hardwood floors look as if I spent hours polishing them and all I did was use my Oreck vacuum on them. I can vacuum my whole house in just an hour. Thank you so much for developing this vacuum."

Angela Carter

So light and easy to maneuver

"I had one for over 13 years, and the handle broke off. I ordered a new one, which I should be receiving very soon, but in the mean time I had to use a different make/model. I was amazed as to how heavy it was and how much effort it took to vacuum my carpets. This is why I really love the Oreck, it is so light and easy to maneuver. I am so looking forward to getting my Oreck. Thanks for such a great product!!"

Linda Sobczak

Feels as though it is self-propelled

"I am partially disabled and cannot handle the weight of an ordinary sweeper, but my Oreck is so easy to use and light weight and feels as though it is self propelled."

Linda Mainiero

Only Oreck makes my carpets the cleanest

"After trying my friend's Oreck, my husband thought I was crazy wanting a vaccum for a Christmas present. I have to say it is the best present I ever received. Only Oreck makes my carpets the cleanest. For the first time, I have to say I enjoy vacuuming. Put it this way, I love and use my Oreck so much that my family and I actually gave it a name."

Marie Gagnon

Have gone through so many vacuums over the years

"Well I love my Oreck vacuum because I have gone through so many vacuums over the years, and none of them have given me the results that I got using the Oreck just ONCE! I have a Dalmatian, and in case you don't know, they have hair that is very wirey. I would have to sweep out of the carpet and then vacuum and still didn't get half the results I did with the Oreck XL. Usually by the time I was done sweeping and vacuuming and pulling around that heavy vacuum, I was in a sweat. My kids hated when it was their week to have to vacuum....now they can't use the excuse of the vacuum being heavy anymore. Thanks a million. From me, my children and Lucky Lady (my dog)!"

Mike & Diane Kavanaugh

Handles dog hair and dirt like a champ

"My late husband bought the Oreck for us after our last vacuum broke. I’m not only legally blind and have a dog guide and a pet, but have other multiple disabilities that make it increasingly difficult to do everyday chores. We had 3 big labs at the time and lots of dog hair, in addition to one active son. I love not only the fact that I can lift and move the Oreck, but it handles the dog hair and dirt like a champ."

LaDoris Kelsey
Sand and cat litter disappeared from the tile

"I just purchased my Oreck XL yesterday, and I am convinced that it is the best vacuum on the market. As soon as I got home with it, I vacuumed the whole house (carpet, area rugs and ceramic tile). I was amazed at how tracked-in sand and cat litter just disappeared from the tile, and let's not forget how my blue area rug is blue again (dog and cat hair is a thing of the past). I was able to clean all 2000 sq. ft. in less than 30 minutes and only had to relocate the cord twice. I will recommend the Oreck to everyone I know."

Pam Culver
My carpets look terrific

"It’s lightweight, and my carpets look terrific - when I think Oreck, it makes me smile."

Megan McKenna

Lives up to everything I've read/heard about it

"This vacuum lives up to everything I've read/heard about it. It is so lightweight, and our carpets have never looked or felt cleaner! It is a joke among my friends how much I hate (hated) to vacuum...one friend even wrote a poem about it for my birthday! I also have a bad back and my last vacuum made it painful to vacuum, which didn't help my feelings toward this boring task. However, after finally trying the Oreck, I can say that vacuuming is no longer causing me pain, and I actually enjoy seeing and feeling the results of having an extra-clean carpet. The free lightweight vacuum is so nice for all of the stairs in our house, too. In fact, now I don't even have to beg my husband to help me vacuum, and we now share the chore! I'll never love vacuuming, but I do love the Oreck product!"

Kat Logan
Pet hair is the biggest problem in our house

"I’ve tried almost all the brands on the market, and I never once was completely satisfied with the way they cleaned my carpets. I debated many times about buying an Oreck, and so I did, and you can certainly see a difference. I had a large throw carpet in my son's room, and I could not get the white dog hair removed from the carpet. So when I received my Oreck XL Deluxe, that was the test. It removed all of the hair and the carpet looks brand new again. The pet hair is the biggest problem in our house and the Oreck solved that problem. I also love the steam iron."

Karen Sandman

Picks up under tables and in tight corners

"The lightweight design is wonderful, but the way it picks up under tables and in tight corners and places along the edge is magnificent. It is the best vacuum I have owned, and I used to sell Rainbows."

Bernice Keller

It has stood up to punishment

"I have three German Shepherds and four cats -- I vacuum A LOT. I've had my Oreck for seven years and use it every day (sometimes twice a day). I can't tell you how much I love my Oreck. It’s not only light and compact, but it has stood up to the punishment that we put it through. Well worth the money."

Patti Sakalauskas
Vacuumed carpet and was rendered speechless by results

"Lest I bore you by waxing poetic, here are the simple facts. Vacuum cleaner broke down. Borrowed parents' ancient Oreck with no idea of its age (probably as old as the dirt it picks up) or when (if ever) it had been serviced. Vacuumed carpet and was rendered speechless by results. Purchased a new Oreck despite well-meaning friends who were appalled that I would invest that much in a vacuum. Have clean carpet. Do I feel guilty for gloating? Nah-h-h-h."

Ingrid Maria Furry
Wonderful system for people who suffer from arthritis

"This is such a wonderful system for people who suffer from arthritis or back problems. I have arthritis, and all of the other cleaners were always too bulky and heavy for me. Now I can clean my floors without all of the pain, thanks to Oreck."

Brenda Le Blanc
I can't see why I would ever buy another brand

"I have had my upright for almost 4 years. I have major back problems, but am able to use my Oreck weekly. It is light and easy to maneuver. You don't have to "push" it. I can't see why I would ever buy another brand. I have recommended Oreck to a lot of people and will continue to do so. Keep up the good work!"

Kathy Alley
Pick-up power better than the Kirby®

"I GAVE away a Kirby vacuum that my mom had purchased and left to me because the pick-up power this lightweight Oreck has is better than the Kirby. Truly unbelievable vacuum....I'm now a lifetime owner of Oreck. When I need another vacuum, you can bet your boots it will be an Oreck!!!"

Jeanie Cummins

Just won't die – works as good as new

"Mr. Oreck, my wife and I have a problem with your Oreck that we bought over 10 years ago. You see, we have had no problems with it. We really would like a new one (and the free cordless iron, of course), but ours just won't die! Alas, we can't purchase a new one, while ours works as good as new! Thanks Mr. Oreck."

Stanley & Lynn Foust

Picks up dog hair so well

"I love my Oreck!! I have 2 golden retrievers that stay in the house, and my Oreck picks up their dog hair so well, that that's why they are inside dogs. I belong to a Golden Retriever chat board on the internet. Someone occasionally asks which vacuum cleaner is the best, and lots of us answer “ORECK”. We've sold lots of Orecks to other golden retriever owners, and they've all been just as pleased as I am. When I first got my Oreck, I vacuumed with my other vacuum cleaner (my carpet looked clean), then I used my new Oreck and checked the bag. It picked up dog hair that I didn't even know was in my carpet. I couldn't get my old vacuum to the trash quick enough and would never own anything but an Oreck. Thank you! My golden retrievers also thank you since they can always be house dogs, as long as I own an Oreck!"

Debbie Torina

My old vacuum was leaving so much dirt behind

"Just got an Oreck XL. I had no idea that my old vacuum was leaving so much dirt behind!!!!!!!! You could hear and see the dirt that had been ground into our living room rug make streaks as the Oreck easily got it up. Who needs 30 days to try it out? I will buy this one!!!"

Kevin Fore

For 'cleanaholics'

"Being a bit of a neat freak, I was always vacuuming and cleaning. I bought an Oreck, my first truly new vacuum. I fell in love at first "sweep." That was five years ago, and I've had three friends buy Orecks at my recommendation. They too, fell in love. Thanks for providing a lightweight, but powerful machine for those of us who are 'cleanaholics'. I love my Oreck!"

Kay Fletcher
Reduced need for medication of in-house allergies

"As an allergy sufferer I can say that using the Oreck Celoc bags has noticeably reduced my need for medication for in-house allergies. I was very happy with our first Oreck, and we're happier still with our new one. In another 17 years when this might need repair, I'll buy ANOTHER new Oreck."

Dan Foster

A happy house husband

"Bought an Oreck vacuum today and started using it right away. After using my old vacuum (Hoover®), it just blew my mind how much better your product is. I'm glad I bought the Oreck. No regrets. Just mad that I didn't buy it before. Thanks. A happy house husband, who loves to sweep again."

Dietmar Streck

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